Magic Medicine

Upcoming Screenings

Date Venue
Nov 13 7:00 PM London—Q&A with Director Monty Wates & Executive Producer Lizzie Gillett The Castle Cinema, Homerton BUY TICKETS
Nov 14 6:30 PM London—Q&A with Director Monty Wates & Christopher Hird (Dartmouth Films) Bertha Dochouse BUY TICKETS
Nov 22 8:30 PM Nottingham Broadway Cinema BUY TICKETS
Nov 26 5:00 PM London JW3 BUY TICKETS
Nov 29 8:00 PM Bristol Cube BUY TICKETS
Nov 30 8:00 PM Bristol—Q&A with Professor David Nutt Cube BUY TICKETS
Dec 9 2:00 PM London Global Health Film Festival
Dec 10 6:15 PM Lewes Depot Cinema BUY TICKETS
Dec 12 6:00 PM Manchester Odeon Manchester Great Northern BUY TICKETS
Dec 19 6:45 PM Oxford—Q&A with Dr Robert Carhart-Harris (Head of Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London) GB Curzon BUY TICKETS
Dec 19 7:30 PM London—Q&A with Professor David Nutt, Director Monty Wates Regent Street Cinema BUY TICKETS

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